Polymer Makes Development Easier

I recently discovered The Polymer Project while searching YouTube for help on a project that I was doing. I watched the short video, which was actually just one of a series, and immediately thought of the benefits of Polymer for development. I ended up watching all of the Polycasts videos in quick succession. I dove in to the Polymer documention and watched a couple videos on Polymer from the Google Developers Conference and Google I/O. I really was impressed with how easy and how lightweight it makes building web pages or applications.»

Yeoman Polymer and Gulp

Finally managed to get v0.7 of the Polymer Yeoman generator out. This release includes Gulp support, BrowserSync, and a sweet little Material Design scaffold to get people started»

WebKit for Developers

Now, especially with the news that Opera has moved to WebKit, we have a lot of WebKit browsers out there, but its pretty hard to know what they share and where they part ways. Below we’ll hopefully shine some light on this. As a result you’ll be able to diagnose browser differences better, report bugs at the right tracker, and understand how to develop against specific browsers more effectively.»